Becoming Harmless: peaceful communication skills for healthy, happy relationships

Shannah White
My official study of communication began in 1994, actually in the form of horsemanship, horse training, and teaching horsemanship at Meredith Manor Int'l Equestrian Center in West Virginia. There I began learning, in an environment of non-verbal, interspecies communication, about the dynamics of emotional pressure, trust, and how effective self-expression involves more listening than talking because effective message transmission requires sensitivity to the listener's frame of reference and current state of mind. I later returned to Meredith Manor to teach a class in non-verbal self-expression and communication, showing students how what they experienced non-verbally with each other related to how they interact with horses and how the horses feel and respond.

In 1996, I began an intensive study of the nature of self and the mental, emotional, and spiritual dynamics of the human mind. I had always believed that self-mastery was the hinge-pin of happiness, and I found that non-religious, experience-based spiritual wisdom had the depth to make truly comprehensive sense of the human experience... sense I could use to become stronger, happier, and more harmless to myself and others... which is to say, more clear, authentic, and with less need for defense.

I have found for myself that the nuances of communication in relationship are consistently one of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of human experience, and it is out of that personal joy that I have made myself available to explore these nuances with people who want to see them more clearly for themselves for the betterment of their relationship experiences.